luxury experiences,reimagined.

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what is .PASS

introducing .pass (dot-pass) a blockchain product passport for luxury brands and their clients,bridging physical luxury goods with digital collectiblesfor the ultimate brand activation experience, uniting online and offline worlds

how it works1-4


unify your physical treasures with .pass, ensuring authenticity and unveiling captivating digital collectibles.


embark on a journey tracing the lifecycle and ownership history, empowered by digital certificates of provenance.


engage with brands and creators to access exclusive token-gated offers, creating a richer connection to the world of luxury.


experience real-world privileges connected to your collectibles through our dynamic pass, confirming ownership with elegance.


protect brand ip
engage communities
gamify loyalty
data-driven engagement
unified luxury
unlock exclusivity
fiction-less experience
data ownership

why .PASS

supercharge your brand with .pass in the web3 era, connecting to the next generation.

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